See How Easy Crawl-Space Encapsulation Can Be

See How Easy Crawl-Space Encapsulation Can Be

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Combat water damage, mold and pest infestations by investing in crawl-space encapsulation. Homeowners in Woodstock, AL turn to Stay Dry Waterproofing, LLC for crawl-space encapsulation service.

Our team will...

  • Seal up seams and cracks with a vapor barrier to trap mold and moisture
  • Install a humidifier system to pull moisture of your air
  • Inspect our work to ensure everything is encapsulated properly
Forty percent of the air in your home comes from your crawl-space. Breathe easier by scheduling crawl-space encapsulation service in Woodstock, AL today.

5 warning signs that you have a crawl-space problem

Not sure if you need crawl-space encapsulation? Here are some indicators that you should contact our team...

  1. You have standing water in your crawl-space
  2. You have insects or rodents infesting your crawl-space
  3. You have a musty smell in your basement
  4. Your cooling costs are rising consistently
  5. You have condensation on your windows
Don't wait too long to get this necessary service. We'll take care of the problem quickly.